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Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Excuses

So work is totally screwing up my weight loss :( Today, I ate two beef fajitas with rice, replied beans (wtf was I thinking???), and guacamole, as well as a piece of double chocolate cake. When I got home, I was so hungry and exhausted, I ate two pieces of leftover pizza and drank two malt liquors. And I didn't purge any of it! As a result, I've put on 4(!!!)lbs. Totally, totally unacceptable! Tomorrow, I'm starting over. No food until I've lost those 4lbs, plus 2 more. I need this sort of punishment to get back on track and remind myself what is really important... being thin. Here's hoping I have the willpower to follow through with it. The longest I've been able to go without eating is just one day (pathetic, I know) and I think 6lbs might require at least two. Fingers crossed!

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